May 12, 2017

About Us

Nixvil Trading Corp & Nixvil Equipment Finders, Llc.
The company was created in 2006, in pursuit of Nixvil Corp., becoming a commodity trading company for over 15 years. Its principal director Nixon Villalobos, founder of the company, with an experience of over 25 years in sales and international representations. Then to separate the headings of sales, it was created in 2013 Nixvil Equipment Finders, in order to better manage services according to their condition or brand. Among the items that are handled are divided into three categories:
1-Heavy Equipment, industrial, trucks, buses, mining, petroleum, aeronautical and maritime equipment. (Nixvil Equipment Finders)
– Equipment and heavy machinery: Sales of all types of heavy and industrial equipment and representations to customers and company management on the purchase of equipment for them. The equipments involved are the type of construction like backhoes, forklifts, generators, all kinds of tractors and construction machines, trucks, generally as oil drilling rigs, BOP valves and Top drive (We are specialists in these rebuild equipments), Pipelines, ships and Recreational boats, Aircraft and parts, and equipment management industry in general, as well as spare parts.
2-Commodities: (Nixvil Trading Corp.)
A- We handle the sale of toilet paper and diapers, which are two of the strongest areas we have, as direct products we handle large scale and with very competitive prices as we remain below normal market prices.
B- Food: This line is handled internationally representing several producers from different countries such as Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, China, Vietnam, among others. The products involved are Sugar, Powder Milk, Chicken, Pork, Beef, eggs, fruits and vegetables, seafood such as shrimp, wheat flour, beans almost all types, Rice, Oils, Margarine, among others.
C- Sales and Representations General close-out products, such as new clothes and returns, returns air conditioners and new stores, new toys and returns, appliances, among other opportunities that arise from the market, which we will announce as they come out and anything in particular that our customers require.

3- General Representations.

– Financial Consulting and Investment
A- General Purchase and sales, as well as properties and commercial and residential real estate, and existing businesses.
B- Business Administration and real estate properties.
C- Commercial and residential loans, (we have special programs for foreigners).
D- Visa Processing and residences abroad, and for business.
E- Freight Aircraft Charter type for cargo or passengers.
F- Fuel: This representation purchase / sale of different products such as Diesel Oil, Gasoline, Oil, Oil Spill Absorbents, Jet Fuel, etc. is handled.
G Mining: Purchase / sale of companies in the media Iron, Scrap Metal, Copper, Iron ore(Direct representation of mines in Chile), Aluminum, and other mining products such as gold, diamonds, emeralds, etc. is illustrated.
NOTE: Please note that for all these items, we have associated professionals, qualified, certified with their respective licenses and insurance.
The mission of our company is to provide the best service representations to all companies that support us and support by giving us the opportunity to help, and to have confidence in us, thus giving us the good word that we are a serious company and we can increase our capital and the companies we represent, and so we felt like part of each of them., so every time we do something for each of these companies is to ourselves, and all purchases or sales are made as clear, legal and professional as possible, and thereby you will give your good testimony to other companies so we increase our clients.

Our vision is to grow so that companies can represent almost everyone, as is being done at this time to open new representative offices to our company in several countries as they are in Central and South America and the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Also among our Mission and Vision is the power to expand our Christian foundation to help many people who are in need, through Christian Churches in collaboration with this international mission that we have set, so take a bit of the word of God to every corner in the world that we can.